If there is one thing that makes any photographer jump for joy, it's getting a new toy. Today's object of affection is a new (to me) lens for my Leica M9. It's a pre-owned mint Elmarit 90mm f/2.8, which is no longer in production but is still a quite popular lens which is getting harder to find, even on the used market. When I received it the focus was a bit out of whack so I shipped it off to Essex Camera Service is New Jersey. They did a fantastic job and had it back to me in just a few days! Of course I grabbed my trusty model for the first few test shots, but expect to see a lot more examples from this Leica M9/Lens combo in the near future. So far I'm just loving the way it renders. Beautiful colors right out of the box, sharp as heck (thanks to Essex) and creamy creamy bokeh (out of focus area).
Just chillin
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