New Shooting Table Completed!

I needed a table for Product Photography and commercially available tables like those from Bogen/Manfrotto (one of the cheaper ones) are pretty expensive. So I decided to try making my own and what you see here is the results. I didn't keep track of every little part that was used, but these pics should show enough for you to duplicate it on your own. All the tubing is 1.25" white pvc pipe and it's held together by aluminum pipe fittings from www.mcmaster.com, including the adjustable angle ones used to change the angle of the back sweep on the table. The top is a 48"x80" sheet of 1/8" translucent white plexiglass (from Regal Plastics here in Houston, TX) and is held to the pvc frame with some white metal clips. The clips are the only thing I can't give you a source for because they were leftover from the original Bogen/Manfrotto table I use at another studio. You may be able to get these direct from them, or find a suitable replacement. You could drill holes through the plexi and bolt it to the pvc pipe, but I like that the clips make it easier to remove.