Georgia’s Downtown Market

Georgia's opened up their downtown Houston location and I was fortunate enough to shoot the new space. The wine cellar downstairs is a pretty cool feature.

20120429 dsc7655 georgias
20120429 dsc7336 georgias
20120429 dsc7509 georgias
20120429 dsc7575 georgias

MHoo Jewelry

Did a few more shots for local jewelry designer, M. Hoo. Here's a couple samples.

20120125 dsc6443 mhoo
20120524 dsc7940 mhoo

Landscaping Projects

Last weekend I had to shoot three landscaping projects for AJ's Landscaping.
3 completely different homes, in 3 different areas of the city. 

20111021 dsc4327 meadowlake
20111021 dsc4337 meadowlake
20111022 dsc4560 calfee hdr
20111022 dsc4574 calfee hdr
20111022 dsc4595 calfee hdr
20111022 dsc4725 bieser hdr
20111022 dsc4858 bieser copy

MHoo Designs

Melanie Hoo is a local custom jewelry designer who needs to start photographing her work for her new website and other marketing materials. Her work is very tribal and organic but her marketing will be very clean so we shot high key on white.
These are just a few examples from the first batch... more to come!

20111014 dsc4159 mhoo
20111018 dsc4187 mhoo
20111018 dsc4216 mhoo

Corporate Textures

Sometimes you need graphics and textures for backgrounds or other interesting design elements in your website design or other marketing materials. Do you really want to use the same stock images that everyone else is using or has access to? Of course not. Which is why Exibit Network here in Houston called. I was able to walk around their facility and shoot all kinds of textures, materials, tools... anything and everything that was part of their day-to-day operations. Now they've got a great start on a library of original images that they own outright and makes all their designs a more personal and truer expression of who they are. 


20111004 dsc4001 exhibit
20111004 dsc4039 exhibit
20111004 dsc4061 exhibit
20111004 dsc4105 exhibit